Improbiser, Acting coach, Actor
from Tokyo, Japan

He started theater in high school, and from college he performed in many Shakespeare productions and Broadway musicals in all-English at MLS, where Hollywood casting director Yoko Narahashi serves as president. He later started impro, and has been working in theater on two feet, improvising and writing scripts.
In 2015, he participated in MITICO, an international impro festival held in Milan, and became a member of the International Theatresports Institute (iTi), an international impro organization (the second Japanese).
From there, he flew abroad every year, participating in the international impro festival "Arabian Nights" in Dubai, the Impro Theatre in Los Angeles, the Philippe Gaulier International Theatre School in France, and the Loose Moose Theatre in Calgary. He has gained experience in impro, clown, and mask, and has shared his ideas, philosophy, and techniques with Japan.

- Asian member of the International Theatresports Institute (iTi)
- Exclusive instructor of "Impro Academy", a professional improvisation school in Japan
- Affiliated instructor of "Fearless", a company specializing in impro training for business
- Honorary advisor of Japan's first student impro group "Gekidan Shimusubi"
- Founder of "Second Circle", a team specializing in full-length impro theater

Stage Career

"Once On This Island" Papage
"Midnight Summer Dream" Botom
"Young Forever" Captain Hook
"MOMO" Nino, Time robber
"Winter's Tale" Shepherd
"Into The Woods" Baker
"You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown" Charlie Brown
"Angels in America" Beries
"The Heart Thief" Frants, Amaria

Improvised performances have been performed on more than 500 stages.


Impro, Clown, Mask, Meisner Technique, Laban Effort, PEM, Linklater Voice Technique, Michael Chekhov Technique, Alexander Technique, Rolfing, Flacksing, Lecoq System, Contact Impro, Commedia de l'Arte, Stanislavsky System, Method Acting...etc.

Jun Imai, Shawn Kinley, Patti Stiles, Joe Bill, Dan O'Connor, Mike Rock, Felipe Ortiz, Steve Jaland, Derek Flores, Rebecca Stockley, Lisa Rowland, Brian Jones, Zoe Galvez, Gary Schwartz, Aletha Sills, Yu Yamagami, Philippe Gaulier, Philippe Aymard, Peta Lilly, John Davison, Bobby Nakanishi, Scott Williams, Mike Alfreds, Kaoru Kuwata, Sarah Victoria, Noriko Tosaka, Ulrich Meyerhosch, Dawn Arnold, Maki Matsumoto, Kotaro Ogiya, Megumi Kubota, Kuniaki Ida, Tatsuya Yasumoto, Sunhee Yang, Hirota Otsuka, Sachi Kimura, Minako Ikeuchi, Kazuki Nakahara...etc.


Impro Clown workshop -Beloved on Stage-

What makes an actor loved by the audience?

It is an actor who shows everything to the audience. They respect, support, and love actors who have the courage to do so.

However, actors try to hide themselves as much as possible in front of the audience. Especially, they don't want to show their embarrassing parts or their failed scenes.

In this workshop, you will actually experience and accept how much those parts of yourself that you don't want to show are loved, and break out of your shell as an actor.

A clown is someone who is laughed at, but for a clown, laughter is love. Let's get lots of love and grow together, as actors and as human beings!

*Basically, the workshop will be conducted in Japanese, but English will be used in places.

【August ver】
Saturday, August 27, 6:30pm-9:30pm
Sunday, August 28, 10:00am-5:00pm (1 hour break)
【September ver】
September 24, 6:30pm-9:30pm
Sunday, September 25, 10:00am-5:00pm (1 hour break)
*I recommend that you attend both days as a set, but you can also attend just one day.

August: in Toshima-Ku, Tokyo
September: in Tokyo
*Only participants will be notified.

■Participation Fee
【Early bird discount】
2-day set 12,000 yen
Only the first day 4000 yen
Second day only 8,000 yen (for experienced participants only)
*August ver is available for those who register in July, and September ver is available for those who register in August.
2-day set 14,000 yen
First day only 5000 yen
2nd day only 9000 yen (for experienced participants only)

Please send me your "Name", "Participation Dates", and "Brief Profile" using the button below.


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About request

I offer private and pair lessons and workshops for a wide range of people, from inexperienced theater students to professional actors.
I can offer both online and in-person services, so please feel free to contact us using the contact form.

Impro, Clown, Trance half mask

■Basic fee
10000 yen/hour
*This will be increased or decreased depending on the content and number of times.
*Location and transportation fees are not included.
*For corporate training, we offer training through "Fearless", a company specializing in impro training. Please contact them for details.